BumpTop Pro 2.10.6225

إذا كنت ترغب في تغيير شكل سطح المكتب الخاص بك لجعله أكثر إثارة للاهتمام، يمكنك محاولة استخدام BumpTop برنامج لتغيير شكل سطح مكتب الويندوز الى ثلاثي الأبعاد (3D) مع شكل يشبه غرفة و الجدران كخلفية الرئيسية. ناهيك عن باقي المزايا الرائعة التي سأترك لكم فرصة اكتشافها.
حقا إنه برنامج رائع يستحق التحميل و التجربة ...


are you already bored with your desktop display
If you want to change the look of your desktop to make it more interesting, you can try using BumpTop. BumpTop is software to change the look of the Windows desktop into a three-dimensional (3D) with a shape like in the room with the floor and walls as the main background. On the fourth floor and walls, you can place a shortcut icon on the desktop before, sticky notes, and also slideshow photos. If a wall in BumpTop click, then the wall will become the side facing you and this change is accompanied cycle transition effects. To return to the default position, you can double-click an empty area on the floor. And so on. Interesting is not it? For a shortcut icon placed on the BumpTop, can be grouped into several stacks of desktop icon that looks more freely. If the composition of this icon is clicked, then this arrangement will change the size and you can choose which programs or files to be run. For quick grouping, the grouping facility BumpTop based on files type, i.e. with the right click and select Pile by Type. Shortcut icon or your group can move its position to the area you want, including zoom and zoom out appearance

البرنامج مرفق بكراك نقي خالص

Size: 19.13Mo

Operations : Windows 7 , Xp , Vista

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